The Provider/ Registered Manager/Director at You Care We Care are committed to ensuring that they conduct their business such that any data handling and information management are carried out within the boundaries of current Data Protection Legislation. The new legal requirements incumbent upon the rolling out of General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR 2016], official implementation in May 2018, will be followed by this organisation, under its sector-specific obligations.

You Care We Care will implement these new requirements to ensure those individuals being cared for or supported and for other persons who may be affected by the activities, including all its employees, so far as is necessary, so that they do not allow for unnecessary data breaches.

It is the intention of management at this organisation to maintain records, especially those that are confidential and sensitive, in such a way that all Service Users and their relatives alike, as well as employees feel that data that they provide to this organisation are kept safe and prevent unauthorised access at all times.

That all information-sharing will enable safe and effective performance of work activities and care delivery according to agreed care plans. Each employee will be given appropriate information, instruction and data handling training as necessary.

It is our duty to ensure that all processes and systems of work involving data and information handling are carried out as per current best practice and relevant data protection legislation.

To meet our statutory duties, we will appoint competent members of our personnel to oversee and lead the effective handling and management of data or when appropriate, external consultants may support management on an advisory basis.

This data handling policy will be regularly monitored to ensure objectives are being achieved and it will be reviewed and, if necessary, revised in light of legislative or other relevant changes.